All I can say here is ... wow. Nevertheless, I'll add a whole lot more. To the unknowing, this flick is basically the low point for sexploitation movies of the 70's. The series is basically comprised of a four-parter, with this one being #2 in the series. The first one, She Wolf of the SS had a lot of cache built in as it was filmed during off hours of the Hogan's Hero set. It also covered so much ground in the sexploitation genre that a sequel was hardly fathomable. Harem Keeper is a surprisingly fit sequel in that it keeps the nudity and action coming a lot faster than the predecessor. It covers no new ground, but this being the first one I've seen on DVD, I flipped on the commentary after one viewing of the movie and found that ... alas! THAT is where the real entertainment is. Dianne Thorne herself is participating in it, as she does on all the other DVD releases. It is, in itself, a worthy addition to the DVD and adds a lot of perspective on the benefits of the sexploitation genre. For me, the best moment was seeing the commentators discuss a particularly Arab looking scene set outside the Glendale Public Library ... a stolen shot no less. The trailer was a little nifty, also ... only in that I've not seen a trailer for any of the ILSA movies and its always interesting to see how a movie is marketed back in its day. One movie moment worth noting ... Spalding Gray makes an uncredited cameo in here. How cool is that? For a little more detail on the movie itself, here's a link to Digitally Obsessed's review of it. The third movie, was a far far inferior movie for one sole reason: it wasn't written to be an ILSA movie. It had a title change later after its release in order to take advantage of the Dianne Thorne legacy. Now to go about finding a copy of ILSA, the Tigress of Siberia!